Many people suffer from substance use disorder and addiction and many of those people, in order to find recovery from addiction, will need treatment, drug rehab and ongoing recovery support. We know that addiction is a chronic, progressive illness that requires long-term treatment for a sustainable recovery.

While most people will need alcohol or drug rehab or treatment to find recovery from addiction, many of those individuals will need to begin their journey of recovery with a short stay in detox. Detox (or detoxification) is the process of removing drugs or alcohol from a person’s body under the medical care of a doctor, nurse, and/or medical staff. Substances can have major effects on the body, and often drug and alcohol use, whether short-term or prolonged, can cause withdrawal symptoms. A medically supervised detox will be able to safely aid a patient through withdrawals while making them as physically and emotionally comfortable as possible with the help of medications and a supportive medical, clinical, and recovery support staff. Additionally, stopping drug use and alcohol use can also cause other medical conditions to come into play, which can make withdrawal dangerous from someone that has been misusing substances.

The Detox Process in Drug Rehab

Many substances, such as alcohol, benzodiazepines, heroin, or synthetic opioids, can cause overwhelmingly painful and uncomfortable physical withdrawal symptoms. The care of medical professionals is important through withdrawal, to make sure the physical symptoms are managed, but also that the detox process doesn’t become so unbearable that a person decides to continue using substances. Withdrawal from alcohol and benzodiazepines can be fatal, so the need for stopping these substances in a medically supervised and supported detox Is paramount for the health and safety of the individual suffering from addiction.

Other substances, such as cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana, do not necessarily have potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms or extremely painful detox processes, but rather come with major emotional and psychological symptoms, such as emotional discomfort and deregulation, anxiety, depression, “crashes”, and irritability. While they may not require medical oversight for potentially fatal symptoms, best practices would be someone is removed from there environment and enter a detox during this period, so that they can get the needed medical,  clinical,  and recovery support to get through the emotional discomfort of quitting, before moving on to a lower level of care.

Regardless of what substances someone is using, detox and medical stabilization is always a good idea when beginning a process of recovery. It helps to have medical and clinical professionals to offer vital oversight and support, as well as a recovery support staff who have gone through similar processes themselves.  Addiction is a disease of isolation, and it is never more prevalent than those first few days of sobriety. Some drugs and alcohol require necessary medical care to detox, while other substances do not have the same medical complications, but rather come with many emotional, mental and psychological issues. Therefore, it is always wise to enter a detox for a short time to get through the physical, mental, emotional, and psychological impact of addiction withdrawal in order to be medically stabilized and emotionally and mentally clear as you continue on your path of freedom from drugs and alcohol and recovery from addiction.

Innovo Detox in Pennsylvania

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