Our Philosophy

Innovo Detox offers hope, healing and the first step in the lifelong journey of recovery from addiction, utilizing the latest evidence-based practices in addiction treatment.

We believe that addiction is a chronic illness. Detox is the acute phase of care — the first step in a longer treatment process. Before you can begin the behavioral, emotional, psychological and spiritual work required to overcome addiction and sustain long-term recovery, you must become medically stable and be comfortably separated from substance use. Detox is one of the first steps in addiction treatment.

Detox is about helping you get through the physical process of withdrawal, so that you’re ready to take the next steps in addiction treatment and recovery in order to get well. During your stay at Innovo Detox, we work diligently to ensure that you are as safe and comfortable as possible during your medical detox and stabilization.

We believe that your detox experience should be handled with the utmost care and attention. We will provide the highest caliber of medical and clinical care during your detox stay, and you will be treated with compassion, dignity and respect throughout your detox experience.

We believe that that you deserve a life of recovery, full of happiness, meaning, purpose and direction. We understand that people in the grips of addiction just want the suffering to stop. They think that once they are separated from substance misuse, they will be okay. However, simply ending substance use or physical dependence does not necessarily lead to a long-term, successful outcome. Therefore, our staff will work with you and your loved ones during your stay, offering numerous clinical and holistic options to help you get to the next level of clinical care and recovery support that is appropriate for you. We will guide you through this process and aid you in overcoming addiction to find lasting recovery.

It is the vision of Innovo Detox to be the premier detox option nationwide for individuals suffering from addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our goal is to help our patients start to rebuild their lives, to offer a safe and supportive environment during their time of need, and to guide them and their families to begin a journey of lifelong recovery through the principles of compassion, hope, integrity, innovation and service.

We hope that society will eventually understand and accept addiction as a chronic health issue, and that we must treat not only the physical dependence on substances, but also the underlying causes of substance use disorder. Through long-term treatment and support, we can bring about true change, healing, and recovery for individuals, families and communities touched by addiction.

Throughout your detox stay, we promise you the following:

  • Individualized, personalized, patient-centered care
  • Evidence-based treatment approaches
  • Family engagement, education and involvement
  • Comprehensive case management, with a collaborative, individualized approach between you, your loved ones and the Innovo Detox staff
  • Collaboration with referring professionals, healthcare facilities and hospitals, community organizations, and addiction and mental health treatment facilities to facilitate a safe and efficient transfer between levels of care
Ready to Come In?

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