Receive the latest evidence-based medical, psychiatric and clinical care at our state-of-the-art detox facility in Pennsylvania.

Innovo Detox offers a private, safe and supportive environment to go through medical withdrawal from substances before you move on to the next step of your recovery. Our facility offers a calm, healing environment and is staffed around the clock by doctors, nurses, clinical therapists and support staff — all working to make your detox experience as easy and effective as possible.

patient lounge at innovo detox, a stand-alone detox facility

We offer the latest detox protocols, medication withdrawal management and stabilization for individuals suffering from addiction, substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders.

Depending on specific substance misuse, a typical detox/stabilization period can last anywhere from seven to fourteen days. Our medically managed detox protocol is overseen by our Medical Director, doctors and nursing staff.

The initial phase of detox and withdrawal can be uncomfortable — physically, emotionally and mentally. But once a patient is feeling physically better, we believe that introducing clinical services is the best way to begin the process of treatment and recovery.

Clinical services at Innovo Detox are overseen by our Clinical Director and facilitated by staff therapists and counselors. We work with each patient and their medical team to understand their unique detox protocol and to introduce structured group therapy sessions appropriately as the patient returns to physical health. Individual therapy is also available at Innovo Detox.

Innovo Detox understands that addiction is a chronic illness. In order to overcome and manage addiction, best practices indicate the need for long-term care and recovery support.

To provide that care and support, each patient at Innovo Detox works with a case manager. The case manager collaborates with the medical team, clinical team, the patient and the patient’s family to recommend and facilitate the best options for a patient’s next step in care. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Referrals to inpatient treatment, residential treatment, extended care treatment, PHP or IOP treatment, recovery houses, sober houses, individual outpatient therapists or psychiatrists
  • Connections with recovery organizations in a patient’s local community, such as 12 Step meetings, SMART Recovery meetings or collegiate recovery programs
  • Collaboration with attached referents, employers, EAPs, attorneys, the court system, colleges and universities, primary care doctors and medical specialists or other personal and/or professional connections

We understand that patients may experience pain and discomfort during their treatment at Innovo Detox. To ease your stay, we provide a range of amenities to create a calming, healing environment for your treatment experience.

  • Beautiful scenic setting in historic Adams County, Pennsylvania
  • Newly remodeled architecture
  • Patient lounges and game rooms
  • 55” flat screen televisions with cable TV in each patient room
  • Fireplace
  • Private patio and smoking area
  • High quality bedding

Health and nutrition can go a long way toward helping an individual get through the rough patches of a detox. Innovo Detox offers high quality, organic meal options proven to aid in the recovery process, and we will meet any and all patient dietary needs and restrictions. Portions are generous, and all meals are prepared in-house by our chef and kitchen staff.

Detox treatment

Detox treatment : Innovo Detox offers the latest evidence-based medical, psychiatric and clinical care at our state-of-the-art drug detox and alcohol detox facility in Pennsylvania. We realize that anyone who comes through our doors has already lived through the pain of addiction, and so we believe that detox should provide an atmosphere of respect and dignity. During your time at Innovo, you will be under the care of our dedicated staff of professionals who understand both the disease of addiction and your needs as an individual.

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