National Recovery Month in the United States is a national observance held each year in the month of September to celebrate recovery, inform on substance use disorders and mental health issues, break the stigma associated with addiction, and educate the public that behavioral health treatment and support are effective avenues to help people find enriching, healthy, and rewarding lives through recovery.


Throughout the country, and over the course of many years, millions and millions of Americans have found freedom, health, and happiness through recovery from addiction. These individuals and their families have had their lives transformed through the process of recovery from addiction, and annually, National Recovery Month allows a platform for those stories to reach the general public and, hopefully, make a positive impact on those individuals and families currently grappling with the destructive impact of addiction.


The theme for National Recovery Month 2020 in September is “Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Connections.” This year’s theme is a reminder for those in recovery to celebrate their victories and to share them with those who need to hear stories of hope and healing. Throughout the month of September, numerous events will be held throughout all 50 states and nationwide, to bring these stories of hope to local communities, states, and regions. Local and state governments, addiction treatment centers, recovery organizations, and others will hold events to educate people on addiction and recovery, through platforms and initiatives such as seminars, public service announcements, documentaries, public talks, rallies, and awareness walks.


National Recovery Month allows the month of September to be a focal point to bring education and awareness, dispel myths and disinformation, break stigma, and celebrate success. The observance of National Recovery Month enables organizations throughout the country to educate the general public that addiction treatment and mental health services can support those with mental and substance use disorders to live health and rewarding lives. 2020 will be the 31st year that National Recovery Month is celebrated. It is a national observance sponsored by SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, a department within the national U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS.)


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