Everyone has plans to make their lives better whenever a new year begins. Many people make new year’s resolutions. Many people make plans for personal growth and how to better themselves. Social media is ripe with “New Year, New Me!” posts.


For those suffering from substance use disorder, who often hope for better lives that are not caught in the grips of addiction, the new year can look as bleak as the last year. Those suffering from addiction often feel hopeless, angry, and scared, believing that there is no hope in them ever overcoming addiction and living a life free of drugs and alcohol.


However, just as regular, everyday people enter the new year renewed with hope for personal growth and improved circumstances, so can someone suffering from addiction make decisions and take action that will allow them to enter the new year as a new person, free from the grips of addiction. A drug and/or alcohol detox is typically the first step in this process. Entering a detox so that an individual can be made comfortable through the withdrawal process, detox from substances, and become medically stable is the first step in freedom from addiction. Once a person is physically freed from the grips of drugs and alcohol, they can begin the process of addressing the underlying or co-occurring issues associated with substance use disorder, including mental health issues, trauma, family and relationship dynamics, fears, and insecurities.


Once physically and emotionally stable through the detox process, an individual can begin to find health and wellness through ongoing treatment and recovery. Detox is meant to offer a respectful, dignified, comfortable experience so that a person can take the necessary steps of stopping their drug and alcohol use, so that true recovery can then occur.


There is no better time to engage in this process than now. A new year brings with it new hopes and dreams. A new year brings with it new opportunities and experiences. It is always during this time of year, as a new 365 cycle begins, that people seek opportunities to find health and wellness. For someone suffering from addiction, health and wellness come in the form of recovery. If you are suffering from addiction, give yourself a chance at happiness, freedom, health, wellness, and a new positive way of life. Don’t delay. Enter detox, become physically well, and through addiction treatment and recovery support, find a new you in the new year.


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