People often ask the question why they should enter into a detox for drugs and alcohol, rather than trying to go through withdrawals on their own or detox themselves. Entering a detox facility can certainly be a scary proposition. It is frightening to think of starting a process of stopping drug and alcohol use, especially when substances have been such a normal part of their lives for so long.  It is frightening telling family, friends, and/or an employer that you are having issues with drugs and alcohol and you need to go away to detox, even for a short time. People are frightened by the stigma of addiction, worrying what others may think or say about them if they enter detox for 5-to-10 days. Many people suffering from substance use disorder have family members or friends who tell them that they don’t need to go to detox, or that they can do it on their own.


However, there is nothing more frightening or sadder than someone who chooses not to go to detox and ends up the victim of a fatal overdose. Or who tries to detox on their own and ends up having to be rushed to the hospital due to withdrawals or medical complications. Yes, the idea of entering detox for addiction or substance use disorder can be scary, but it is also the right thing to do. It is the smart thing to do and gives someone the best chance at recovery.


It is paramount to understand that the withdrawal symptoms from many substances can be fatal. Alcohol and benzodiazepines are two such substances. Medical complications from withdrawal without medical care can also be fatal or require hospitalization. Additionally, physical accidents and harm can result from the withdrawal of substances. Individuals can suffer seizures or terrible falls. All of these situations are just the tip of the iceberg of why someone suffering from addiction should enter a drug and Alcohol Detox.


However, another major reason for going to detox is the 24/7 medical care and professional support an individual will receive while in detox. When entering a medical detox for drugs and alcohol, a patient will receive 24/7 medical attention and care, and their family will receive peace of mind that their loved one is being cared for appropriately by medical professionals. They will be seen by a psychiatrist that will be able to assess them appropriately for their clinical needs, doctors and nurses that will be able to prescribe appropriate FDA-approved medications that will help with any withdrawal symptoms, as well as round-the-clock nursing care and support. Additionally, they will be under the care of clinical professionals, therapists and counselors well-versed in helping them through the first days of detox and the first days of recovery, making sure that the patient’s clinical needs are cared for. Added support will come from recovery support staff, to help them through the difficult emotions that may arise, and the culinary team, who will be able to make sure they are eating necessary healthy diets to aid them through detox.


Two other extremely important points to consider when seeking medical detox is that detoxing alone is a very difficult situation, taking out the potential dangers that might occur, while detoxing at a medical detox facility offers the professional support but also the important patient community support. A patient’s resolve can be strengthened going through the process with others who have also been touched by addiction and substance use disorder. Also, while many patients believe that they would feel “more comfortable” detoxing in their home environment, a medical detox actually provides more comfort with the added necessary medical care and oversight. Detox will offer high-quality food, television and lounge areas, and all the creature comforts one would need to be comfortable and feel safe while going through what can be a difficult, uncomfortable process of detox.


As an individual suffering from addiction or substance use disorder, there is no better way to start the recovery journey than by admitting into a safe, secluded, comfortable detox facility that offers necessary 24/7 medical and clinical care. As the family or loved one of someone suffering from addiction, there is nothing more important than making sure your loved one has the necessary support to go through withdrawals and get through the alcohol detox process with medical and clinical professionals so that they can be best set up to move forward in overcoming their addiction and sustaining their recovery.


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