There is enough shame and stigma surrounding addiction that when an individual or their loved ones seek a detox or addiction treatment facility due to issues with drugs and alcohol, that individual and their family should walk into a facility that is clean, respectful, and dignified. They should walk into a clean facility that makes them feel like a human being. They should not feel ashamed, embarrassed, or disrespected when accessing care for addiction. These are important values to look for when finding the best detox for drugs and alcohol for you or a loved one.

common area at Innovo detox

Here at Innovo Detox, we know that the quality of a detox program comes from the quality of the medical and clinical treatment services that are delivered by our staff. The experience, expertise, and sophistication of our staff, the compassion, dignity and respect that they demonstrate to patients, and their ability to deliver evidence-based, individualized care is what makes the Innovo Detox experience the best possible detox experience a patient and their family can receive.


However, we also know how terrible patients feel when they enter detox. Sometimes it is physical, due to withdrawals from drugs and alcohol, or from the years of addiction that their body has been through. Sometimes it is mental, due to any untreated or unmedicated co-occurring mental health issues they may be experiencing, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed. Other times, and often, it is emotional, due to the guilt and shame they so often feel or knowing the pain and distress they have caused to those that loved them and care about them deeply. And sometimes it is spiritual, due to the disconnection that naturally occurs during someone’s addiction.


Therefore, we also know that while the quality of care at Innovo Detox is what matters and what helps individuals get through withdrawals and helps them begin those first steps of recovery, the environment and surroundings need to also be high quality. Whether it is classified as a luxury detox or a premier detox or any other term that makes it sound fancy, what matters here at Innovo Detox is that everything is of high quality: from the medical care to the clinical care to the family care and support; from the amenities to the linens to the amazing food prepared by the chef and culinary team. From the understanding and support of the Innovo Detox admissions team from that first phone call; the recovery support of our Therapeutic Assistant team; the top-notch medical care of our psychiatrist and nursing staff; the comprehensive clinical care of the therapists and counselors on our clinical team; the support provided by our continuing care coordinator to patients and their families to ensure a roadmap of treatment and recovery is created before they leave Innovo Detox. Everything at our facility has been created to offer a luxury detox experience in order to make those difficult first days of recovery as comfortable as possible, but also so that every patient is set up for their best chance of success when the leave. Here at Innovo Detox, terms like “luxury detox” or “premier detox” or “best detox” are not spoken with the understanding of the physical facility or the amenities (although those things certainly are), but rather to encompass the entire detox experience of medical and clinical care, family and recovery support, discharge planning, communication and collaboration, food, and amenities.


Getting off drugs and alcohol is difficult enough, and for far too long the environment that individuals experienced in a detox was less than acceptable. Here at Innovo Detox, we believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to get through the most difficult time of early recovery in a relaxing, calming, safe, comfortable environment of quality. A luxury environment but, more importantly, premier patient care.


If you or someone you know needs help for addiction or co-occurring disorders, please give us a call. Innovo Detox offers the latest in evidence-based medical, psychiatric, and clinical care for those in need of detox and medical stabilization in Pennsylvania and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic area. If we aren’t the best fit for you or a loved one, we will take the necessary time to work with you to find a detox, rehab, treatment center or provider that better fits your needs. Please give us a call at (717) 619-3260 or email our team at For more information on our company or services, please visit our website at