A medical detox from drugs and alcohol is often necessary for anyone suffering from addiction or substance use disorder. It is also well-known that a drug or alcohol detox is the safest and most effective way for an individual to stop using drugs and alcohol and begin the process of overcoming addiction and finding recovery.


However, addiction is also a cunning, baffling, and powerful disease. Many people in the grips of active addiction refuse to admit they are having a problem or issue with drugs and alcohol, even when it is obvious to friends and family. Even when confronted with the need to get help, individuals in active addiction will often fight tooth and nail to avoid going to detox or rehab, making statements like “I can do it on my own” or “I don’t need to go anywhere because I know what I need to do.”


The fact remains, if someone is suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, or substance use disorder, an inpatient medical detox is the safest and most effective way to stop using drugs and alcohol.  It is also a more comfortable way, since individuals are supported by 24/7 medical, clinical, and recovery support staff, as well as receive FDA-approved medications to help with withdrawal symptoms.


How Does Someone Know If They Need Detox?

What are the signs and symptoms someone can recognize to get them to a point where they understand they are having a problem with drugs and alcohol, and that receiving care at a detox is their best option to overcoming addiction?


Here are some ways an individual or their loved ones can determine if a person is in need of a medical detox for drugs and alcohol:


  • Is the drinking or using drugs getting out of control?
  • Is the person drinking or using drugs at an inopportune or inappropriate time, such as while working or watching children?
  • Is the person’s drug use or alcohol intake increasing over a short period of time? Are they drinking or using more during a shorter period of time? Have they been taking higher quantities than normal?
  • Is the person unable to stop or moderate their drinking or drug use, especially if they’ve made a decision to do so?
  • Is the person getting sick when they try to stop for short periods of time? Are they experiencing any withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking or using drugs?
  • Are they experiencing mental health or psychological symptoms when they stop drinking or using drugs? Are they getting feelings of anxiety, depression, irritability, obsessive-compulsive thoughts, or thoughts of suicide?
  • Have loved ones, family members, or friends vocalized concern over the individual’s drug and alcohol use? Have conversations taken place about this person’s drug or alcohol use getting out of control or about looking to get help for their substance use?
  • Does the person get angry, combative, or defensive when the issue of their alcohol and/or drug use is brought up or if someone suggests they might have a problem and need help? Do they knowingly minimize or rationalize their drinking and drug use?
  • Has the person had a previous history of drug and alcohol use or addiction? Have they previously been to rehab or treatment for addiction issues?


If any of the answers to these questions are “yes”, there is high probability that the individual doing drugs or drinking alcohol has a problem with substances. There is also a high probability that they meet clinical criteria for having a substance use disorder. And if that is the case, there is little doubt they meet criteria for needing addiction treatment and are in need of going to a medical detox to receive care for stopping their substance abuse. Individuals suffering from addiction and substance use disorder almost never willingly look to enter addiction treatment, and rarely are excited to enter a detox to help themselves stop using drugs and alcohol. It is the nature of the disease of addiction. However, we know that a medical detox with 24/7 care and support is the best, most effective, most proven way that someone can best help themselves stop using drugs and alcohol, overcome their addiction, and begin a transformative journey of recovery.


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