Most people understand somewhat what occurs at a drug and alcohol detox, a rehab, or an addiction treatment center. They understand that a patient admits, goes through a medical detox and then begins engaging in clinical treatment services. Those services typically include individual and group therapy. Good rehabs will also include family therapy and psychiatry, along with other case management services. Still other facilities include holistic practices such as massage, meditation, fitness and exercise, amongst other options. However, many people don’t necessarily understand the staff that provides direct patient care and how that staff is created to best support a patient through detox and treatment and towards recovery.


At a detox facility like Innovo Detox, there are many staff members across multiple departments that make up a dynamic, cohesive, collaborative team whose primary purpose is to provide high quality, evidence-based care for patients, as well as support for the patient’s family members. Below is a general understanding of the team members that make up a comprehensive staff at a short-term, stand-alone detox facility like Innovo Detox.



Every detox or treatment center should have a doctor, or multiple doctors, on staff. Most importantly, every addiction treatment facility should have a psychiatrist on staff. Here at Innovo Detox, we have our Medical Director, a board-certified psychiatrist, on site 5 days per week.



The nursing staff at a detox is onsite 24/7, delivering the direct patient care that includes medical support and dispensing of important FDA-approved medications to help with drug and alcohol withdrawal. Nurses also dispense other comfort medications that help with detox and withdrawal management. At some rehabs or treatment facilities, they may also have psychiatric nurse practitioners. Here at Innovo Detox, we have a 24/7 nursing staff made up of psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners, certified registered nurse practitioners, nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses, and registered nurses.



The clinical staff at a detox or treatment center delivers the direct individual, group, and family therapy that patients and clients receive. The clinical staff can be comprised of a number of different types of therapists, counselors, or psychologists. Here at Innovo Detox, we have a clinical staff comprised of Licensed Social Workers (LSW), Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CADC), and Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CAADC.)


Recovery Support Staff

Recovery support staff is often the frontline workers at a drug and alcohol detox or rehab. Many addiction treatment centers refer to these staff members as behavioral health techs, counselor assistants, and residential assistants. In many cases, these are employees who may be in recovery themselves and/or are certified peer recovery specialists. Here at Innovo Detox, our recovery support staff is comprised of what we refer to as Therapeutic Assistants (TA’s.) They are onsite 24/7, over three separate shifts each day, offering patients ongoing recovery support.



The admissions staff is typically the first voice an individual, family, or referent will here when calling a detox or treatment center. Admissions is there to educate potential patients or family members about the program, explain expectations, handle checking and verifying insurance benefits, help people understand and take care of upfront financials, do prescreens to make sure patients are appropriate for that specific level of care, as well as offer other options or alternatives if someone needs something different clinically than that facility might provide. Here at Innovo Detox, we have an onsite admissions team comprised of clinicians and non-clinicians. The admissions staff also helps, once a patient is in detox, to coordinate with clinical on certain case management issues that may arise.



The administrative staff at a detox or rehab handles the day-to-day operations and administrative duties necessary to ensure a facility of operating at its greatest potential and support the rest of the staff and teams in delivering best-in-class care. Here at Innovo Detox, that includes our Executive Director, team of human resources and compliance professionals, and office manager.


Food Service Staff

One of the most important aspects of a detox or rehab program patients want to know about when they admit for treatment is the food. Is it good? Will they like it? Facilities have different ways of approaching how patients are fed. Here at Innovo Detox, we have a chef and a culinary team of cooks that prepare restaurant quality meals, with menus creating specifically for patients going through detox and withdrawal. They are also able to support patients who may have different dietary or nutritional needs.



In order to make sure a facility is clean, dignified, and respectful, it needs to be clean and tidy. The housekeeping staff works to changes linens, do laundry, and make sure the entire facility is clean.


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