There are obvious benefits to sobriety. A life without drugs and alcohol often brings with it a life free of the consequences or difficulties often associated with addiction. If a person suffers from addiction, they also deal with things often associated with addiction, including internal issues like mental health concerns, emotional difficulties, pain, trauma, low self-esteem, guilt, and shame, along with external consequences like relationship issues, financial hardships, and difficulties at school or work. So, it makes sense that if a life of drug and alcohol addiction brings with it pain, suffering and consequences, that a life free of drugs and alcohol should also bring with it much less pain, suffering and consequences.


However, when seeking and finding sobriety or recovery from addiction through detox and treatment, there is little question that many benefits come from taking the first steps through detox from overcoming addiction and beginning a journey of recovery.


The Benefits of Drug & Alcohol Detox


Stopping using drug or drinking. Finding freedom from drugs and alcohol

The first obvious benefit of going to detox for drugs and alcohol is…wait for it…stopping the use of drugs and alcohol. Quitting drugs and alcohol is never easy and almost always uncomfortable. Many people try it on their own, often numerous times, and can never do so. Going to detox is the best, most effective way to stop using, and the safest and most comfortable way, because a person is supported 24/7 by medical professionals, clinicians, recovery support staff, and FDA-approved detox medications.



Finally feel physically better

Active addiction or alcoholism takes a toll on the body, as well as the mind and the spirit. Even short-term use of prescription drugs, illicit drugs like heroin, or alcohol will make anyone feel like they have hit by a truck. And this is often compounded by other substances, used to help with the physical impact of drugs and alcohol. People that are drinking too much regularly at night, often begin having to drink in the morning, then around the clock. Individuals using opioids daily often turn to other substances to help them wake up, like cocaine or Adderall. Many individuals use alcohol or benzodiazepines like Xanax to help them sleep. The body goes through it. Through a medical detox, the body is cleared of the drugs and can begin to reset, helping with rest and relaxation. Detox will help individuals feel physically healthy for the first time in years. It helps to gain regular energy and improve appearance.



Feel mentally and emotionally better

Just like addiction and alcoholism take a heavy toll on the physical body, they may impact a person’s mental health and emotional state to an even worse degree. Often, people with mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. Active addiction and alcoholism also cause behaviors that lead to difficult emotions- fear, insecurity, guilt, shame, regret, anger, and sadness. The lifestyle of someone in active addiction is a whirlwind, often unstable and in mental and emotional distress. The drugs and alcohol, many times the solution to mental and emotional issues in the beginning of use, in time make the mental and emotional difficulties worse. Going to detox clears the person of drugs and alcohol, and begins to help stabilize them not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally as well. Sometimes this can come with just sobriety, other times it is through clinical and therapeutic work and support, and for others it is through medication.


Stopping the consequences of active addiction and alcoholism

Using drugs and alcohol comes with consequences. Those can be internal or external. They can be difficulties in relationships. They can be the loss of a relationship or the loss of a job or career. It could be sustaining a major injury while intoxicated. They could be financial difficulties or legal ramifications. There could be multiple arrests. DUI’s and DWI’s. It could be stealing from your parents or spouse, failing out of school, or an overdose. There are an infinite number of consequences that come from using drugs and alcohol. And while individuals may still have consequences from when they were using and drinking, going to detox helps to break the cycle and make sure that similar consequences don’t continue in the future.



Being able to focus on important life goals and planning

Once someone enters detox, goes through withdrawal, becomes physically, mentally, and emotionally stable, and finds sobriety, then are then in a much better position to start their life in recovery. Sobriety allows the individual to start really thriving in life and creating important goals. This is one of the very first benefits of drug & alcohol detox most patients experience. Some examples of this could be academic and educational goals, like going to get a GED, finally going to college or going back to a university they may have had to leave due to addiction or going to graduate school. Another life goal may be to find a specific job or career or change careers. It could be refocusing on relationships with family members, parents, or a spouse. It could be taking steps to be a better parent. It could be on getting finances in order, such as getting out of debt or paying important bills that have been neglected. It could be any major life goals or decisions that active addiction and alcoholism was keeping the individual from doing or attaining. Going to detox and entering recovery from addiction opens the doors for all types of opportunities and possibilities.



Improved relationships

One of the biggest consequences of active addiction is the negative impact it has on relationships. Improved relationships is a major one of benefits of drug and alcohol detox. Those could be relationships with family members like parents, grandparents, or children. It could be a romantic relationship with a spouse. It could be social relationships with friends. Or it could be relationships with colleagues at work. Regardless of the relationship, there is little question that a person using drugs or alcohol are having difficulties in most relationships, if the attitudes and behaviors displayed in active addiction haven’t already ended or ruined relationships entirely. So, one of the biggest positive impacts of going to detox and taking steps to overcome addiction is the opportunity to fix, mend, and improve relationships with others.




As mentioned above, once a person goes to detox, get off drugs and alcohol, and enters a life of recovery, many wonderful things can happen. One of those, which is a major benefit of going to detox for a drug and alcohol problem, is the ability to become a responsible member of society. A person will have the ability to meet their responsibilities and not be overcome or overtaken by them or the problems that come with neglecting those responsibilities. Recovery allows a person to be a better spouse, a better parent, a better child. It allows them to be an active member of their family and an active participant in their friendships. It allows them to show up and meet responsibilities at work. It allows them to pay their bills and not run from creditors. It allows them to meet life responsibilities head on. If there are lingering consequences from active addiction, like legal issues or financial debt, going to detox and entering recovery will allow that person to meet those responsibilities too. Going to detox and getting sober allows a person to be responsible and accountable.



The ability to manage other medical or mental health issues

Drinking or using drugs often makes someone neglect other ailments, illnesses, or issues. Some examples might be if a person had other chronic illnesses like heart disease or diabetes. Or if a person suffering from mental health issues like anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder. If that person is using drugs and alcohol, often any other medical or health condition will be neglected. If they have mental health issues, they might stop going to see their therapist or psychiatrist or stop taking medication. Most of the time, individuals suffering from addiction do not take preventative health steps such as regular or annual visits to their primary care physician, eye doctor, or dentist. Going to detox, stopping the use of drugs and alcohol, and beginning a life of sobriety allows the individual the ability to manage any other health or medical condition they may have or that may arise. Being sober, they will be able to take adequate and appropriate steps both for prior health conditions or new health problems. It will also allow them to be stabile and present in managing any ongoing mental health concerns.



Feeling better about yourself

Once a person goes to detox for drugs and alcohol, they will begin a process of transformation. They will begin to understand themselves better, begin a process of healing from unresolved issues like trauma or attachment disorder, stabilize physically, mentally, and emotionally, and continue on in a process of personal growth and discovery. One major part of this process of growth and self-discovery is that the person will begin to find a new perspective about themselves and their place in the world. They will begin to feel better about themselves. They will learn to stop having negative self-talk and internal monologue. They will stop thinking so bad or poorly about themselves. They will gain self-esteem, confidence, and become more self-assured. They will begin to love themselves, when previously there may have been self-hate, low self-esteem, and feelings of guilt and shame. A drug and alcohol detox does not only cleanse the body of dangerous substances, but it can be the beginning stages of cleansing the body of negative and dangerous thoughts and attitudes. These will be replaced by healthy attitudes and behaviors that help further positive thoughts and inner self-confidence and strength.



Quality of life will increase exponentially

The overall outcome of the benefits of going to detox for drug or alcohol addiction is that a person’s qualify of life will increase exponentially. This is the most sought after of the top benefits of benefits of drug and alcohol detox. There is a common saying in the 12 Step rooms of recovery like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous which a member will state “my life is beyond my wildest dreams.”  While this often sounds too good to be true, when compared to a life of active addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is often entirely accurate. Feeling better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Not having to deal with consequences. Being admired and respected as a person that is honest, accountable, and reliable. Being a better father, wife, son, daughter, grandchild, family member, friend, or colleague. Being able to show up and handle responsibilities, especially difficult ones, with grace and dignity. Being able to pay bills. Being able to set a plan for the future related to academics, education, job, or career. Being a person that others come to for advice or help, and being open, honest, and transparent. Doing what you say you will do and having your actions meet your words. These are all benefits that come with sobriety and a life of recovery from addiction, the first steps most often seeking detox and treatment for drugs and alcohol. There is no question sobriety and recovery improve an individual’s quality of life. And it is a life absolutely available and attainable for those that seek it.


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