May 6th, 2022 through May 13th, 2022 is National Nurses Week for 2022. Here at Innovo Detox, we wanted to take a moment to recognize with gratitude both the incredibly dedicated and hard-working nursing staff here at our facility, as well as the committed nurses around the country and throughout individual communities for their dedicated service to patients and clients each day of the year.


National Nurses Week 2022 gives everyone an opportunity to celebrate the difficult work nurses do for us all and offer thanks to those nurses who have made a difference in the lives of millions of Americans. Throughout the week, healthcare and hospital organizations will be honoring their nurses and bringing awareness to the amazing work nurses do and value they bring to their organizations. National Nurses Week began in 1990 and begins officially on May 6th annually. The celebration occurs during the week of the year that includes May 12, which is the birthday of Florence Nightingale, often credited with being the founder of modern nursing. Throughout the week, many retail stores, restaurants, and online retailers offer deals, discounts, and freebies for nurses, as a way to give thanks to the nurses and the nursing profession.


The importance of nurses became front and center throughout the country since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. While nursing is a vital and valuable profession within healthcare, many Americans never understand how important nurses were until COVID-19 demonstrated the incredible and heroic lengths that nurses were stretched during the pandemic. Fear, worry, anxiety, burnout, and staffing challenges persisted, yet nurses showed up day after day, treating COVID-19 patients without little thought for their own health and safety. As a society, after witnessing the heroic effort of nurses since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, there should be no doubt that nurses are the backbone of the American healthcare system. On television and social media, campaigns to support and celebrate nurses took hold, with phrases and hashtags like “Nurses Rock”, “Thank You Nurses”, and “NurseLife” trending on social media. Stories of the difficulties nurses had each day were profiled throughout the media on television and on podcasts, and local community and other first responder organizations came out to cheer and celebrate nurses in towns and cities throughout America.


Here at Innovo Detox, we are grateful for our nurses. They are not simply the front lines of care received by our patients or healthcare professionals that come to check vitals and administer detox medications. Instead, they are individuals that patients connect with while going through detox and dealing with withdrawals. They often receive the bulk of the attitudes given by patients, when those patients are not feeling good physically and emotionally during the first few days of being off drugs and alcohol. Our nursing team is a group of superstars, who perform their daily job functions and tasks to make sure patients are medically taken care of, cared for, and supported, but they also provide a human connection, going above and beyond to offer patients high quality medical care, but also an overall transformative experience in what can be some difficult early days, as well as hope for the future. Regularly, we receive reports from patients after they have left Innovo Detox about how amazing our nursing staff is, how they were attentive and listened, how they treated patients like human beings, were compassionate and caring, and how the nursing staff created an incredible experience for the patient. Because of this dedication to our patients, we are eternally grateful for the work that our nurses do here at Innvo Detox. They are nurses, but they are also incredible and caring support for patients as they overcome addiction, receive addiction treatment, and begin a journey of recovery.


We would like to thank our nurses here at Innovo Detox, and all the nurses throughout the country in all areas and specialties of healthcare, for the amazing work they do during National Nurses Week 2022.


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