When it comes to alcohol detoxing, many challenges present themselves. One of the most important and common challenges stems from self-detoxification. Many of those suffering from alcohol addiction make a cut-and-thrust decision to give up. That is very much a wise choice, but when the decision is made, it is essential that supervision is sought out. Why?

Put simply, alcohol detoxification without medical supervision can be quite dangerous. Many times, this can lead to some pretty challenging ‘horror stories’ due to the unknown of what can occur here. As described in this article, detoxification can bring issues as wide-reaching as hallucinations. While the example in the story linked is a positive one – the individual, Lowell Cauffel, gave up drinking entirely – the process which led him to that endpoint was dangerous.

man in the throws of Alcohol Detoxing

Sadly, horror stories of alcohol detoxification without medical care are easy to find. Many assume that because alcohol is not a hallucinogenic drug, we are not going to start seeing things that do not exist. As the above testimony – and many others – show, though, this is not always the case. 

Indeed, those who undergo this kind of treatment tend to face challenges they would never have expected. Yes, the withdrawal itself is a challenge that is hard to overcome. More challenging, though, can be the mental and physical discomfort that many will face.

Why medical supervision during alcohol detoxification is essential

I think having someone who understands where you are in the process is essential. When you understand that the issues you are facing and the emotions you are feeling are a result of your detoxification, it is easier to accept. When you feel like this is the ‘new you’ – that this is what sobriety feels like – it is easy to escape. To return to oblivion. Medical supervision gives you three essential benefits:

  • Someone who understands where you are from a physical and mental perspective
  • An understanding of why you feel like this and what the next feelings may be
  • An acceptance that things will improve if you allow yourself to detox properly

As you might already understand and appreciate, detoxifying your system means that your body will go into emotional overdrive. The substance that it has depended upon for so long is gone. Your body will scream and shout over this – it will not take this lightly. As such, it is incredibly easy to find yourself falling down a rabbit hole.

Medical supervision is vital to your wellbeing. Your body has to rebuild its coping mechanisms, train of thought toward overcoming problems, and even your ability to produce hormones. As such, your body is going to go through an incredibly difficult time. Preparing for that is so important. So, too, is coming up with solutions to cope when things get too much.

Having someone who can explain to you where you are physically and mentally and what is likely to follow removes much of the unknown. That is vital. Trying to defeat such a trying condition on your own is often folly. Support gives you knowledge, and it gives you the certainty that what you are feeling is both common and temporary. That can give you the strength to push on and overcome the issues you are facing.

If you would like support in dealing with alcohol detoxification under medical supervision, reach out to Innovo Detox. We can provide you with the clarity, insight, expertise, and answers you need to appreciate the detoxification process fully. This can make overcoming your alcohol addiction easier and ensure that the detoxification period does not scare you off from continuing your journey.