Robert AdamsInnovo Detox is excited to announce the promotion of Robert Adams to the role of Director of Support Services. In this new role, Robert will be stepping into the management team here at Innovo Detox and taking a supervisory role overseeing the staff of Therapeutic Assistants (TAs) on our recovery support staff.

Robert’s higher education at Towson University and extensive experience in both retail management and human resources were a long way from landing in a position working with individuals struggling with addiction, substance use disorders, and co-occurring mental health disorders. However, an important strength needed in all aspects of behavioral health, but especially in direct patient care that comes from working in a recovery support staff role, is the undeniable ability to be able to connect with and care for people. Patients often enter detox and addiction treatment at some of the lowest points in their lives, often disconnected from others and from themselves, and feeling a crushing sense of loneliness. This is why recovery support staff members are at their best and most effective when they are able to offer kindness, compassion, love, and support to patients without judgment. Robert embodies these traits in spades.

Robert began his employment with Innovo Detox over one and a half years ago, beginning on staff as a Therapeutic Assistant (TA) on the recovery support staff and working in direct patient care. Over time, Robert’s compassion, calm demeanor, and unique ability to support both patients and co-workers led to him becoming the Evening Supervisor of the TA staff. It was in this role that helped prepare Robert to step into his new management role of Director of Support Services.

In this new role, Robert will lead, oversee, and support Innovo Detox’s team of Therapeutic Assistants (TAs), who offer direct patient care, recovery support, and often peer support services to the patient population. The Innovo Detox Therapeutic Assistant (TA) staff will report to him, and he will continue to aid the staff in delivering the highest quality of patient care, making a memorable mark on the patient’s as they each begin their individual journey of recovery from addiction.

When asked about his recent promotion to Director of Support Services, Robert said, “I started at Innovo to impact others as I had been impacted in my own life. I’ll strive to increase my positive impact as Director of Support Services to include my team, our patients, and Innovo itself. My favorite quote from stoic philosopher Epictetus is ‘Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it.’ With my new role at Innovo Detox, I will be able to do just that.”

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