Unfortunately, when most people think of a drug and alcohol detox, they picture a rundown building that is overcrowded and understaffed. They think of uncomfortable beds, bad food, and minimum services that support patient care. They think of a place to just get through withdrawals. Sometimes, they think of a psych ward in a hospital. Regardless, the picture that most people have in their head of what a detox for drugs and alcohol looks like is not pretty, comforting, inviting, or safe.

Additionally, most people believe that in order to access a high quality, luxury detox center that includes private rooms, 5 Star meals, and comfortable amenities, they would need to be wealthy. A stigma has developed in the area of addiction treatment that only those can pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for high quality services can access such care, and that everybody else must make do with less-than-quality environments and services. This perpetuates the stigma that people suffering addiction do not “deserve” dignity and respect. This is untrue. Every person suffering from addiction should be able to begin their recovery journey in a place that is clean, safe, supportive, and offering the highest quality services available.

Fortunately, individuals suffering from addiction can access the highest quality services and facilities available to them. The picture they have in their head of what a drug and alcohol detox is does not necessarily need to be the truth. Here at Innovo Detox, we offer a luxury detox center for every patient, and every patient that walks through our doors to begin their healing journey of recovery receives the same experience related to high quality medical and clinical care and amenities.

It is our belief that every patient that walks through our doors deserves a luxurious experience. This does not simply mean the atmosphere or environment, but includes the medical and clinical care, support, and engagement. Creating such an experience involves incorporating high-quality amenities such as the physical facility, room, food, and housekeeping, high-quality and personalized care from our team of therapists, counselors, doctors, nurses, admissions, continuing care, and support staff, and a supportive, comfortable environment that best supports patients through their recovery journey.

Our Luxury Detox Center Accommodations:

Private Accommodations

At Innovo Detox, all patients receive private rooms, that include modern furniture, comfortable beds, premium linens, that help with a restful and rejuvenating stay.

24/7 Medical Care

Innovo Detox is staffed 24/7 with medical professionals. This includes our Medical Director, a psychiatrist, that evaluates every patient, multiple nurse practitioners, and a team of nurses able to offer round-the-clock medical care and support.

Clinical Care

Here at Innovo Detox, we offer clinical care and support 7 days per week. Patients receive multiple group therapy sessions during their stay, as well as multiple individual counseling sessions.

Recovery Support

Innovo Detox is also staffed 24/7 with a team of Therapeutic Assistants (TAs.) The TAs are our recovery support staff, who offer patients ongoing recovery support during their stay.

Gourmet Cuisine

One of the biggest hits in our patient reviews is our food! Our chef and team of culinary professionals provide daily menus, and additional snacks, that change according to the season.  However, they are always created to be delicious and nutritious, in order to best support detoxification, overall health and wellness. Additionally, our culinary team is able to create customized menus based on a patient’s dietary, religious, or allergenic needs.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Here at Innovo Detox, each patient receives a personalized treatment plan, created by their primary therapist, the clinical team, our psychiatrist, and our nursing staff. This treatment plan includes their needs, preferences, and goals while they are a patient at Innovo Detox, but also includes the planned goals of their treatment continuum moving forward to support sustainable recovery.

Comprehensive Aftercare Planning

Every patient at Innovo Detox receives a personalized and comprehensive aftercare plan to prepare themselves when they leave our care. Our continuing care staff will work with the patient and any other stakeholders (parents, spouse, family members, employers, HR departments, EAPs) to customize what their aftercare plan will look like to best support them in ongoing treatment and recovery.

Personalized Support and Customer Service

Our team here, which includes our admissions staff, clinical and medical staffs, recovery support staff, and continuing care staff are dedicated to offering each patient personalized attention and case management services so that the patient’s full attention can be placed on moving towards health, wellness, and recovery. This can include creating a customized schedule if a patient needs to attend to work or family obligations, working with FMLA or human resources departments, the courts or legal counsel, or any other life responsibilities that cannot be put on hold.

Comfortable Detox Protocols

The medical staff here at Innovo Detox utilizes the latest evidence-based medical protocols for detoxification, customizing a detox medication protocol based on each patient’s needs and medical history. Comfort meds and holistic practices are also utilized to make each patient’s detox process through withdrawal safe and comfortable.

Privacy and Confidentiality

All healthcare facilities need to abide by the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality. At Innovo Detox we ensure the highest level of privacy and confidentiality through technology and training methods for staff, which allows our patients to focus on their recovery without concerns about their personal information being shared.

Beautiful and Tranquil Setting

Located in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, just a stone’s throw from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, York, Pennsylvania, and Hanover, Pennsylvania, Our luxury detox center provides a safe and comfortable environment nestled in a rural area of historic Pennsylvania. This supports privacy and confidentiality, while offering a picturesque and serene environment, contributing to and promoting a peaceful and healing environment that supports addiction recovery.

Get Help Today

If you or someone you know needs help with addiction or co-occurring disorders, please give us a call. Innovo Detox offers the latest in evidence-based medical, psychiatric, and clinical care for those in need of detox and medical stabilization in Pennsylvania and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic area. If we aren’t the best fit for you or a loved one, we will take the necessary time to work with you to find a detox, rehab, treatment center or provider that better fits your needs. Please give us a call at (717) 619-3260 or email our team at info@innovodetox.com. For more information on our company or services, please visit our website at www.innovodetox.com.