Adams County is located in the US state of Pennsylvania. The total estimated population is 103,852 people, based on the 2020 census. The county was first incorporated on January 12th, 1800 as part of York County, having been named after the second US president, John Adams. The median property value in Adams County was $212,300 in 2020, and the homeownership rate sat at 77.8%. Adams County is colloquially known around the globe for historic events like the American Civil War and President Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. Adams’ County historical imprint is vastly recognized by the American population. But, it’s also been home to an unforeseen drug epidemic that has upended the lives of many residents in the area. Back in 2020, Adams County received more than $3 million to combat the onslaught of the opioid epidemic. Apart from county-wide intervention by local government officials, a comprehensive drug and alcohol detox in Adams County and the surrounding areas could be the biggest difference maker in helping residents overcome their substance use disorders.

Substance Abuse Statistics of Adams County

According to a report released by Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro, there has been a stark increase in seizures of fentanyl, compared to heroin in more recent years. In the first few months of 2022, the BNI seized about 40 times the amount of fentanyl compared to heroin, and more fentanyl was also retrieved in the previous year.

In the state of Pennsylvania as a whole, overdose deaths rose by 16.4% in 2020, and continued increasing to 5438 deaths in 2021- a 6% increase from the year before. In simpler terms, this averages out to 15 Pennsylvanians passing each day from a drug overdose. As a means of preventing more opioid-related overdose deaths, both York and Adams County have provided local entities with free supplies of Narcan. When Narcan is correctly administered, it can save a person’s life.

Despite the efforts from the local government officials, these measures are only addressing part of the issue. In order to mitigate these issues plaguing the community, a drug and alcohol detox in Adams County will be useful in getting to the root of one’s ongoing drug and alcohol addiction.

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The Need For a Drug and Alcohol Detox in Adams County

For anyone in need of a drug and alcohol detox in Adams County, Innovo Detox is here to help. Addressing you or your loved one’s battle with addiction is no easy feat. Dealing with detox and withdrawals on your own is not only ineffective in resolving addiction, but it can also be extremely dangerous. Finding the right addiction center is your best chance at safely and effectively overcoming your SUD.

At Innovo Detox, we provide treatments in the following areas:

  • Detox and stabilization
  • Clinical services
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