Delaware County, colloquially dubbed as Delco, has an estimated population that totals 576,830 people. Delaware County, Pennsylvania has 183.8 square miles of land area and is the 6th largest county in Pennsylvania by total area. The median household income of Delaware County is $76,238, as of 2020. The county was first created on September 26th, 1789 from part of Chester County and was named for the Delaware River. When it comes to the state of public health in Delaware County, the growing concerns have centered heavily around the opioid epidemic, further requiring intervention from services like drug and alcohol detox in Delaware County. Delaware County has been dramatically affected by the opioid epidemic. So much so that it required the need for a grant to the tune of $75,000, to address the issues plaguing the area.
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Delaware County Addiction Statistics

On a large scale, substance abuse rates have taken the nation by storm. Specifically, in the state of Pennsylvania, the drug death rates continue to soar, threatening to harm much of the population. Delaware County is one of the many counties within the state of Pennsylvania that is contributing to the drug overdose death rate. According to comprehensive data, the state reported having 5,388 drug-related deaths in 2017. Drug and alcohol detox in Delaware County is offered to help addicts overcome these crippling addictions. There are also an assortment of other services provided for drug-dependent individuals which include medical drug detoxification programs that are intended to help addicts safely wean from drugs and alcohol.


When Delaware County received the $75,000 grant in August 2018 to reduce substance use addiction that included opioids, heroin, and the likelihood of overdose deaths, it slowly worked to improve the concerted efforts of promoting prevention, enabling support networks, and providing education. In recognition of the toll of the aforementioned epidemic, Delaware County would announce the creation of the Delaware County Substance Abuse & Recovery Task Force which replaced the Heroin Task Force created in 2012. The Department Of Human Services has joined forces with the DA’s office to effectively address substance abuse in all its forms.


These statistics and initiatives outline how pivotal the situation is, and why it’s imperative to continue to address it. By repurposing the efforts of the newly formed task force within Delaware County, Pennsylvania, it seeks to recognize that the issue of addiction is not just a legal issue, it’s a human issue, with many dimensions beneath that need to be unpacked and addressed. Apart from what the county officials have implemented for the sake of providing help, getting access to a qualified drug and alcohol detox in Delaware County or in other surrounding counties would also be imperative to help reduce the impact of addiction in our communities and state.


In Need Of Drug and Alcohol Detox in Delaware County?

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