Montgomery County, also known as Montco, is the third-most populous county in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Per the 2020 census, the population currently sits at about 856,553 people. The county is adjacent to and northwest of Philadelphia, and the county seat is Norristown. Montgomery County was incorporated on September 10th, 1784, from land that was originally apart of Philadelphia County. As a suburb of Philadelphia, PA, Montgomery County has established a name for itself as one of the major employment hubs in the area. The strong job base resulted in the county being a recipient of the AAA rating from S&P.

Extensive evaluation of the state of public health in Montgomery County has confirmed the concerns of many–an ongoing substance abuse epidemic that warrants the need for drug and alcohol detox in Montgomery County. The county is also categorically committed to mitigating the deaths stemming from abuse of heroin and prescription opioids. In 2013, then District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman along with local police chiefs, established the DA Prescription Drug Disposal Program. The prescription drug collection locations are spread out throughout the county, allowing the public to safely and confidentially dispose of unwanted or expired medications with no incurred charges.

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Addiction Statistics for Montgomery County

Anyone evaluating the current drug epidemic in Montgomery County will quickly understand why the issues require immediate attention and resolution. The concerns of the rising rates of addiction have contributed to the creation of county-wide legislation and standing orders. Back in October 2015, Dr. Valerie A. Arkoosh issued a county-wide mandate, citing PA Act 139, as a means of allowing licensed pharmacies to dispense naloxone to people at higher risk of heroin or opioid-related overdoses. The provisions of the act provide access to life-saving medicine that can save people from near-fatal situations, hopefully inching them closer to drug and alcohol detox in Montgomery County. At one point, Montgomery County had recorded the third-highest number of overdose opioid deaths in PA. The current administration is working tirelessly to combat the onslaught of the opioid epidemic. Other initiatives that have been implemented include:

  • Enhanced the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), making it so that doctors are required and able to look at the system, every time they prescribe opioids
  • Formed new prescription guidelines to aid doctors who provide their patients with opioid prescriptions
  • Established a new law that controlled the amount of opioids that can be prescribed to a minor.

County officials and commissioners are doing everything in their power to prevent these issues from manifesting in their communities. Yet, the complexities of addiction are boundless. While these early measures are well-intentioned and a good starting point, it needs to be supplemented with additional measures that get to the root of addiction. Innovo Detox will provide drug and alcohol detox in Montgomery County for those who need it the most. Our evidence-based treatment approaches are multi-faceted, and target every component of addiction.

Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Detox In Montgomery County

Battling an addiction is quite the undertaking, and it’s not something that one should endure all on their own. Withdrawals and the dramatic impact it takes on your life is not something to undermine. Because of its severity, the supervision of medical professionals is undoubtedly needed. Innovo Detox is proud to offer a range of services that will guide you through every phase of addiction. Contact us today to get on the road of sobriety.