April is Alcohol Awareness Month throughout America in 2020. Alcohol Awareness Month, organized by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), is a public health program organized to increase community outreach and education regarding the dangers of alcoholism, alcohol addiction, alcohol use disorder, and other issues related to alcohol.

Starting in April 1987, Alcohol Awareness Month originally was a public health program created to target college-aged students who might have been drinking too much on the dangers of alcohol.  Since that time, Alcohol Awareness Month has grown and morphed into a national movement to create more attention, awareness, education, and prevention to the causes and effects of alcohol and alcoholism, as well as offering information and resources to help families and communities deal with individuals that may have a problem with alcohol.

The importance of Alcohol Awareness Month takes on an even greater impact as communities are dealing with the ongoing issues of COVID-19. This coronavirus global health pandemic is exacerbating the issues that many people and many families have in relation to alcohol and alcoholism. Many states are closing liquor stores, meaning the supply of alcohol is being cut off, and many individuals will immediately need to seek detox and medical stabilization services for alcohol withdrawal. As many people are unaware, alcohol withdrawal can be fatal and should always be done under the watchful eye of medical professionals in a detox program. On the other hand, many other states are considering liquor stores and retail operations that offer alcohol as “essential businesses” and allowing them to stay open. This means, that while many individuals will still be able to acquire alcohol, they will do so under self-quarantine, and those individuals with alcoholism or other substance use disorders may find that the alcoholic behavior they have been able to hide for so long ultimately will come to light to their families and loved ones.

So, during this time of COVID-19, Alcohol Awareness Month may take on even greater importance and significance. Helping to end the stigma surrounding alcoholism and understand that alcoholism, as well as addiction and substance use disorder, is a chronic illness may help in some to understand the plight their loved one may be suffering through and aid them in finding help and treatment. Alcohol Awareness Month also offers a greater platform for public health organizations and other state organizations, community centers, and detox, rehab, and treatment facilities to increase efforts to reach people who may not truly understand the dangers associated with alcohol.

Alcohol Detox in Pennsylvania

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