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Naltrexone for Alcohol Use Disorder

2024-02-26T09:36:44-05:00February 26, 2024|Alcohol Recovery, MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment)|

Naltrexone, also known as Vivitrol, is a medication that falls under the category of drugs known as opioid antagonists. It works in the brain to prevent opioid effects (e.g., feelings of well-being, pain relief) and the desire to take opioids.  You’re probably wondering how a drug that counters the effects of opioids could be helpful for alcohol use disorder (AUD). This Innovo Detox article explains what naltrexone is, how it works, and why it’s a useful tool for overcoming alcohol addiction.  How Does Naltrexone Work in the Body? Naltrexone, AKA Vivitrol, is a powerful tool in the battle against alcohol addiction. To understand how it works, it's helpful first to understand more about how the brain works. Addiction begins in [...]

IWNDWYT: Reddit’s Mantra for the 24-Hour Rule

2024-02-05T15:28:27-05:00January 29, 2024|Alcohol Recovery|

If you’re not already familiar with it, Reddit is the 18th most visited website in the world. This massive, heavily text-based forum is a veritable cornucopia of content on just about any topic you can imagine. Like many of Reddit’s digital groupings, its recovery community and subreddits are chock full of insight and support.  This Innovo Detox article is about Reddit’s recovery community and more specifically its IWNDWYT mantra. Where Did IWNDWYT Come From? Born from Reddit’s r/StopDrinking subreddit, a part of the forum’s wider recovery community, IWNDWYT (I Will Not Drink With You Today) began as a mantra of sorts a little over 5 years ago. The acronym came about as a sign of solidarity between the subreddit members [...]

What Happens to Your Body After You Quit Drinking Alcohol?

2024-01-30T17:54:40-05:00January 11, 2024|Alcohol Recovery, Detox|

Quitting alcohol may be one of the wisest decisions you ever make. Whether you simply stop drinking for health or personal reasons or you enter detox and treatment for an alcohol use disorder, a life of sobriety promises many benefits.  This Innovo Detox article is about what happens to your body after you quit drinking alcohol. What You Should Know About Quitting Alcohol and Alcohol Detox Depending on how much you drink, quitting alcohol may not be as easy as you imagine. We say this, not to discourage you, but to inform you about what to expect and advise you on how to prepare.  Many people who drink alcohol are surprised to hear that the medical community defines “moderate drinking” [...]

Overcoming A Relapse and Regaining Control

2023-05-16T11:35:02-04:00April 10, 2023|Alcohol Recovery|

When you face off against addiction, you are involved in one of the most challenging personal battles a person can face. Addiction is never an easy feat, and it can demand the very best of you. Despite that being the case, relapsing during recovery is almost certain to bring feelings of guilt and shame. You no doubt regret the relapse, but it is important to note that you can very much come through the other side. Your relapse is not permanent – you can regain control and return to normalcy soon. Relapses come in many stages. They can result from a feeling of anxiety and tension in your life – an inability to cope with current circumstances. It could be [...]

Delirium Tremens in Alcoholics: What You Should Know

2023-03-29T14:45:51-04:00March 20, 2023|Alcohol Recovery, Detox|

Delirium tremens is a severe form of alcohol withdrawal that can be life-threatening. This form of withdrawal typically occurs in people who are physically dependent on alcohol. It is common for symptoms of delirium tremens to appear between 48 and 72 hours after they have had their last drink. It’s important to understand the causes of this dangerous withdrawal symptom, the risk factors associated with it, and how to recognize it so that it can be treated effectively. What Causes Delirium Tremens? Delirium tremens occur when someone has a sudden decrease or complete elimination of alcohol from their body after having a long history of alcohol abuse. This sudden change in drinking habits triggers the body to go through an [...]

Going to Treatment During the Holidays

2022-12-14T14:18:20-05:00December 14, 2022|Addiction News, Alcohol Recovery|

It is not uncommon for people suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism to create barriers to treatment, even if they know they need the help. Even though they are suffering from a chronic, progressive, potentially fatal disease like addiction, people with substance use disorders will often make or use any excuse not to seek help or go to a detox facility or treatment center. Some of the common excuses used by people to avoid going to treatment are: The job Their kids Their spouse Their pets A big project, either at work or home An upcoming vacation However, towards the end of each year, many of the excuses or barriers pale in comparison to the one major reason that someone [...]

Alcoholism: The Old Faithful Addiction is Trending in the Wrong Direction

2022-11-21T15:48:49-05:00October 18, 2022|Addiction News, Alcohol Recovery|

Over the last several years, or even for at least the last decade, when someone mentions substance use disorder or addiction the first thing that anyone thinks of is the opioid epidemic. America’s opioid crisis has been in full swing since the 1990’s, with the first major wave of increased prescribing of opioid began due to Purdue Pharma and OxyContin, with overdoses and overdose deaths due to prescription opioids increased since at least 1999. Since that time, America’s opioid epidemic has only seemed to get worse, with 2010 seeing a dangerous and alarming trend of more opioid overdoses due to heroin and other illicit narcotics, and the last several years being dominated by the use and misuse of the extremely [...]

Is Alcohol Detox Dangerous? It Can Be If Trying To Do So On Your Own

2021-09-30T13:44:27-04:00September 13, 2021|Alcohol Recovery|

Of all the dangerous substances people consume when people think about someone with an addiction, alcohol is the most widely used and most socially accepted. For many people, alcohol causes them no issues and often little consequences. Many people “drinking normally” during their lives- a couple drinks to relax after work or while out to dinner with friends, while out at a club or in a bar, socially at home with a spouse or their neighbors, or while out at a sporting event.   According to a 2019 study, 85.6% of American adults ages 18 and older reported that they had consumed alcohol at some point in their lifetime, while 69.5% reported that they had drank alcohol within the past [...]

Alcohol Awareness Month 2021

2022-07-18T15:35:32-04:00April 12, 2021|Alcohol Recovery|

April 2021 is Alcohol Awareness Month. A public health awareness campaign held annually each April, Alcohol Awareness Month was established in 1987 by the National Council for Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) to increase awareness, education, and understanding of the dangers of alcohol, especially in young people, causes of alcoholism, and treatment of alcohol use disorder.   Through national, regional, state, and local events, Alcohol Awareness Month 2021 attempts to spread awareness about alcohol use disorder and alcoholism, reduce the stigma association with alcoholism and addiction, and bring education, understanding, and resources to communities throughout the country. The importance of Alcohol Awareness Month now is as important as it was when it began in 1987, as alcohol is the most [...]

Drinking in College: Losing Control

2021-04-14T15:42:12-04:00April 1, 2021|Alcohol Recovery|

Drinking in college is often something that comes with the territory for students. Being away from home for the first time, making new friends, and having new experiences, often alcohol is a guest at any college party of social function.   According to recent surveys, drinking is a normal part of the college experience for many students. 54.9% of full-time college students between the ages of 18 to 22 reported drinking alcohol within the past month, with 36.9% reported partaking in binge drinking behavior in the same time frame. Overall, 80% of college students reported that they regularly drank alcohol while attending a college or university.   However, what happens with college students when their drinking goes too far? What [...]

April 2020 is Alcohol Awareness Month

2020-06-17T11:06:23-04:00April 6, 2020|Alcohol Recovery|

April is Alcohol Awareness Month throughout America in 2020. Alcohol Awareness Month, organized by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), is a public health program organized to increase community outreach and education regarding the dangers of

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