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Is Fentanyl in Marijuana and Other Drugs Now?

2023-10-30T23:05:54-04:00September 25, 2023|Addiction News|

Fentanyl overdoses and accidental fentanyl exposure incidents seem to be appearing in news headlines more than ever. Public awareness about opioid addiction and the dangers of fentanyl is rising, which is certainly a positive. But sadly, the fentanyl crisis is showing no signs of subsiding anytime soon. One of the biggest concerns among the public now is fentanyl in marijuana and other drugs where it isn’t expected to be found.  This article examines the alarming trend of fentanyl-laced marijuana and other drugs and provides practical advice to protect yourself and your loved ones. Where Does Fentanyl Come From? Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid which was originally developed for severe pain. It is most commonly used following severe injury, major surgery, [...]

Going to Treatment During the Holidays

2022-12-14T14:18:20-05:00December 14, 2022|Addiction News, Alcohol Recovery|

It is not uncommon for people suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism to create barriers to treatment, even if they know they need the help. Even though they are suffering from a chronic, progressive, potentially fatal disease like addiction, people with substance use disorders will often make or use any excuse not to seek help or go to a detox facility or treatment center. Some of the common excuses used by people to avoid going to treatment are: The job Their kids Their spouse Their pets A big project, either at work or home An upcoming vacation However, towards the end of each year, many of the excuses or barriers pale in comparison to the one major reason that someone [...]

Alcoholism: The Old Faithful Addiction is Trending in the Wrong Direction

2022-11-21T15:48:49-05:00October 18, 2022|Addiction News, Alcohol Recovery|

Over the last several years, or even for at least the last decade, when someone mentions substance use disorder or addiction the first thing that anyone thinks of is the opioid epidemic. America’s opioid crisis has been in full swing since the 1990’s, with the first major wave of increased prescribing of opioid began due to Purdue Pharma and OxyContin, with overdoses and overdose deaths due to prescription opioids increased since at least 1999. Since that time, America’s opioid epidemic has only seemed to get worse, with 2010 seeing a dangerous and alarming trend of more opioid overdoses due to heroin and other illicit narcotics, and the last several years being dominated by the use and misuse of the extremely [...]

National Recovery Month: September 2022

2022-09-06T14:47:50-04:00September 5, 2022|Addiction News|

Annually each September throughout America is the celebration of National Recovery Month. Started by SAMSHA and, in 2020, tuned over to the organization Faces & Voices of Recovery, National Recovery Month is an annual celebration throughout America of recovery, observing those who have overcome the struggles of addiction and mental health issues, and highlight new evidence-based treatment and recovery practices. Throughout the month of September, in states and communities across the country, organizations will host events that celebrate recovery. There will be 5K runs/walks, speaking engagements, people in recovery will share their stories and experiences, family-friendly community events, and other educational and informative sessions will be held. National Recovery Month 2022 is not just a month to celebrate recovery [...]

International Overdose Awareness Day 2022

2022-08-30T15:03:39-04:00August 22, 2022|Addiction News|

Each year, August 31st has been designated at International Overdose Awareness Day. International Overdose Awareness Day began in Australia in 2001 and is the world’s annual campaign to end drug overdose, remember without stigma those who have been lost to drug overdoses worldwide, and acknowledge the grief felt by family and friends who have lost a loved one to drug addiction and overdose. On August 31st, throughout American and around the world, communities will come together to honor and mourn the lives lost to drug overdoses and hold events to help raise awareness and break stigma of addiction and overdose deaths. Since 1999, America has lost almost one million people to drug overdoses. While in the years before the [...]

Xylazine: Veterinary Tranquilizer Prevalent in Rising Overdoses Cases

2022-04-26T13:59:38-04:00April 19, 2022|Addiction News|

There is a new prescription drug showing up in the rising drug overdoses taking place throughout the country. The drug, called Xylazine, is a dangerous tranquilizer often used by veterinarians and veterinarian clinics on animals. Over the last few months, in different areas around America, the drug is showing up more and more in cases of both fatal and non-fatal drug overdoses. Most often, and in similar ways to the powerful and dangerous synthetic opioid fentanyl, xylazine is being used in counterfeit prescription pills being sold on the street.   Xylazine is a drug most often used in veterinary medicine as a sedative. It is a drug that has analgesic and muscle relaxant properties. Used for many different animals, the [...]

The Dangers of Medical Marijuana

2022-04-25T20:56:48-04:00March 28, 2022|Addiction News|

We have reached a progressive period in American history, one in which we are slowly entering a time where marijuana will become legal. Many areas of the country have decriminalized marijuana and even more have created legal access for Americans to get medical marijuana. When we look at the failure of the War on Drugs, this is not necessarily a bad direction to go in, especially when comparing marijuana to the health risks associated with other, more powerful drugs. There are also studies demonstrating some of the benefits that marijuana can have for individuals with numerous ailments. A large argument for marijuana is that it can effectively treat pain without the dangers, side effects, or physical dependency of opioids. This [...]

100,000 Americans Lost Their Lives to Drug Overdoses in Last 12 Months

2021-12-28T20:03:04-05:00November 29, 2021|Addiction News|

The number of drug overdoses deaths in the United States topped 100,000 Americans annually for the first time ever, according to the latest data reported by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.) The latest information comes from a 12-month period beginning in April 2020 and ending in April 2021. In terms of America’s addiction epidemic and opioid crisis, the numbers are trending in the wrong direction.   While many federal and state governments and organizations have been proclaiming victory surrounding overdoses, overdose deaths, and the overall addiction crisis taking place throughout the country, this latest data provided by the CDC demonstrates otherwise. However, it is important to recognize that these numbers do not equate to the opioid [...]

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