It’s almost Christmas time, a time each year when we get together with family, friends, and loved ones and celebrate the holiday season. We spend time with each other and give each other gifts. We give gifts to demonstrate our love; we give gifts to make our loved ones happy; and we give gifts because it makes us feel good to give happiness to others. Today we will discuss the gift of Sobriety.


But what about those individuals stuck in the destructive cycle of addiction this holiday season? We certainly know how hard the holiday season can be for those in active addiction. For them, the Christmas season doesn’t seem so merry and bright. No doubt, with years of active addiction under their belt, and behaviors that have caused harm to family and loved ones, there is the possibility that they might not even be invited to Christmas this year. Addiction is a disease of loneliness, and nothing makes a person suffering from addiction feel even more alone than being disconnected from their friends and loved ones. For those individuals that are still invited to Christmas, they no doubt feel emotionally distant and isolated. They may be suffering from much shame and guilt, often based on words said or actions taken that have caused harm. Even when a family is unconditionally loving and inclusive, the individual suffering from addiction may not be able to overcome their emotions to feel that love and connection.


So, for those people still using drugs and alcohol this year, whose family has pleaded with them to get help for their addiction, remember that there may be no better Christmas gift to get your family and loved ones this Christmas than the gift of sobriety. Parents, spouses, grandparents, children, other family members and friends often want nothing more for someone in active addiction than that person overcoming their addiction. They often want nothing more than that person finding health and wellness. They often want nothing more than that person finding freedom from active addiction and finding a sense of peace and a feeling of happiness in their lives.


We understand how difficult stopping the destructive use of drugs and alcohol can be, and we understand more how difficult it is to stay stopped. We understand that there is fear and doubt, that many people in active addiction don’t truly believe they can stop using or drinking, and even more so that they aren’t deserving of a life worth living. However, that is never the case. Recovery is available to anyone that seeks it. Admitting drugs and alcohol are problematic is the first step, and seeking help and support comes quickly after.


For those individuals that are able to do that- to admit a problem, ask for help, go to detox and treatment, and begin walking a path of recovery- there may be no greater present to give your family and loved ones. Spouses deserve the person they fell in love with to return. Children deserve present and loving parents. Parents deserve to see their children healthy and happy. Loved ones deserve not to worry or lose sleep over worrying. Taking necessary action to find sobriety goes a long way in reestablishing loving and supporting relationships, healing, and trust. Individuals in active addiction are often loved more than they can believe or feel. Therefore, if they take necessary steps, seek help, and engage in a process of detox, addiction treatment, and recovery, they are also taking steps to demonstrate how much they love those that love them, and are giving the best Christmas present to their friends, families, and loved ones that they ever could this year on Christmas- the gift of sobriety.


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