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Is CBD Safe For People In Recovery?

2024-01-31T15:44:48-05:00December 14, 2023|Addiction Recovery|

It seems like the U.S. is rocketing toward marijuana legalization lately. As of this writing, 24 states along with Washington D.C. and Guam have legalized recreational marijuana use. Along with marijuana’s newfound acceptance has come a plethora of marijuana-adjacent products like CBD, Delta-8 THC, and products containing hemp derivatives.  Are CBD and other marijuana-related products safe for people in recovery? Innovo Detox will answer this question along with some others in this article.  What Is CBD Anyway? Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is another active ingredient in marijuana. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive substance in marijuana that gets most of the attention, because it’s the one that’s largely responsible for the high people get when they use the drug. The [...]

The Importance of Family Engagement during Detox and Rehab

2023-06-13T12:55:03-04:00June 13, 2023|Addiction Recovery, Detox|

Detox for drugs and alcohol is typically a short period of time. Most people that enter detox to put a stop in their active addiction will be in detox for between a week to two weeks. Even extended stabilization periods to make sure the patient is physically, mentally, and emotionally stable typically last no more than three weeks at most. This is not much shorter than a traditional residential or inpatient addiction treatment model of care, that typically lasts about 28 days. This is a very short period of time, most of it spent by the patient just getting through withdrawals, coming out of the fog, and starting to get their “sea legs.” Two-to-four weeks is little time for someone [...]

Role of Medications in Detox

2023-07-03T18:20:23-04:00June 12, 2023|Addiction Recovery, Addiction Treatment, Detox, Mental Health|

In a world that bombards us with temptations and trials, the battle against alcohol and drug addiction can be a challenging one. Fortunately, a beacon of hope shines through: Drug and Alcohol detox medications. These FDA-approved substances, designed to ease the harrowing withdrawal symptoms and recovery, are the first stepping stones towards a life of sobriety and renewed vitality. Here are some of the most commonly used ones! Benzodiazepines for Alcohol Withdrawal and Detox Alcohol withdrawal can be challenging and lead to alarming symptoms, such as seizures and delirium tremens. Doctors often prescribe Benzodiazepines, like diazepam and lorazepam, as a standard practice when someone is undergoing alcohol detoxification. These medications help alleviate feelings of anxiety, minimize the risk of seizures, [...]

Adderall Misuse: Reasons, Dangers, and Treatment

2023-08-02T11:42:50-04:00June 6, 2023|Addiction Recovery|

In today's fast-paced society, the pressure to excel academically or professionally has led many individuals to seek shortcuts and quick fixes. Adderall, a prescription medication, helps with exactly that. However, its misuse has become a growing concern as people turn to it for enhancing focus, productivity, and cognitive performance. Therefore, it’s important to understand its dangers and ultimately seek treatment to get rid of it. Understanding Adderall Adderall is a stimulant for the central nervous system, containing amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. It increases dopamine and norepinephrine levels in the brain. This results in improved focus, attention, impulse control, and the release of "feel-good" chemicals. When used correctly under medical supervision, Adderall can effectively treat ADHD. However, misused or taken without a [...]

A Goodbye Letter to Drugs and Alcohol

2023-01-09T14:37:37-05:00December 5, 2022|Addiction Recovery|

“They tell me I needed to write a letter. I’m in rehab and my therapist said one of my assignments is writing a goodbye letter to drugs and alcohol. They told me it was an important step in my sobriety. So here I am, writing that letter. Although, when I think about it, I have no idea what to say.   When I was told by my therapist (she may be a counselor, I don’t really know) that this was the next thing I had to do while in treatment, I understood but I asked some questions. ‘How is the letter supposed to sound?’ was one of them. She told me that I should just write it from the heart. [...]

An Ideal Addiction Treatment Continuum of Care

2022-11-21T15:00:15-05:00October 13, 2022|Addiction Recovery|

Most people think treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders is a single experience. A person is in active addiction and either comes to terms with the fact that they need help or are confronted by family or loved ones and asked to get help. Then they go to treatment or rehab. However, addiction is a chronic illness, meaning that best recovery outcomes come from a long-term continuum of care. Therefore, detox and traditional 28-day treatment episodes are simply the first step in what should be a long-term continuum of care that addresses not just addiction, but all areas of a patient’s life so that they learn and apply the skillset to find success in long-term recovery and achieve a high [...]

Patient Experiences at a Drug and Alcohol Detox

2023-06-13T16:20:24-04:00July 12, 2022|Addiction Recovery, Addiction Treatment|

Detox is often the necessary first step for an individual when seeking addiction treatment services and beginning a journey of recovery. However, most people feel anxiety, fear, nervousness, and trepidation in making the leap and admitting to a detox. Fear of withdrawal, fear of sobriety, fear of necessary changes in their life- all of these are normal concerns. It is important to know that detox offers a safe, supportive environment where individuals can go, confidentially, receive dignity and respect, and get supported 24/7 by medical and clinical professionals through comfortable detox process.   However, it can also be helpful for individuals in need of detox and addiction treatment, who are seeking help or searching for detox and treatment options, to [...]

How to Have A Fun, Sober Summer

2022-07-15T18:28:25-04:00June 20, 2022|Addiction Recovery|

Summertime is many people’s favorite season. School is out, the weather is nice, and vacations are plentiful. It’s a time to enjoy company with family and friends, take trips to the beach, and be outside. For many people, summer is also a time where responsibilities lessen, freedom increases, and drinking and drugging occurs frequently. However, for individuals in active addiction or early recovery, summer can present a time of caution or danger.   Therefore, how can someone that is seeking to overcome addiction or living in early recovery enjoy the summertime while guarding against the potential for relapse or the increase in risky behavior that often can be prevalent during this time of year? Sobriety is not meant to be [...]

Seniors Struggling with Addiction

2022-04-26T13:55:18-04:00April 4, 2022|Addiction Recovery|

When people think of individuals struggling with addiction or substance use disorder, the overwhelming thought is to think of a young adult. Addiction is often thought of as a disease that impacts a younger population- teenagers experimenting with drugs and alcohol, college aged young adults on their own for the first time at a university, or the 21-to-35 aged adults still going out and partying. While addiction does impact the younger adult population more so than other age groups, there is a segment of the population that has seen skyrocketing rates of substance use disorder over the last several years: Seniors and the older adult population.   Addiction affects up to 17% of the older population, meaning individuals over the [...]

We Do Not Need to Hit ‘Rock Bottom’ to Find Recovery from Addiction

2022-03-16T19:25:43-04:00February 28, 2022|Addiction Recovery|

For years in both addiction treatment and the recovery community, there was a theory that an individual needed to hit ‘rock bottom’ in addiction in order to find recovery from addiction or alcoholism. The idea of “rock bottom” in addiction is that an individual has no further down to go in their active addiction or alcoholism. “Rock Bottom” is the inflection point in active alcoholism or addiction, where someone gets so bad that they are forced to change their life and find recovery. The terms “rock bottom” often sounds bad, although when speaking to someone living life in recovery, they may often say that their “rock bottom” was the best thing that ever happened to them, because they ran out [...]

The Best Christmas Gift for Your Loved Ones? The Gift of Sobriety

2022-07-18T15:25:07-04:00December 14, 2021|Addiction Recovery|

It’s almost Christmas time, a time each year when we get together with family, friends, and loved ones and celebrate the holiday season. We spend time with each other and give each other gifts. We give gifts to demonstrate our love; we give gifts to make our loved ones happy; and we give gifts because it makes us feel good to give happiness to others. Today we will discuss the gift of Sobriety.   But what about those individuals stuck in the destructive cycle of addiction this holiday season? We certainly know how hard the holiday season can be for those in active addiction. For them, the Christmas season doesn’t seem so merry and bright. No doubt, with years of [...]

The Need for Gratitude All Year Round

2021-12-28T19:32:11-05:00November 15, 2021|Addiction Recovery|

The month of November and the winter holiday season typically brings much talk about gratitude and thankfulness. As Thanksgiving approaches, we begin to take stock of our lives and the things for which we are thankful for. We hear talk of gratitude, read about thankfulness, and we begin to get swept up in the holiday season.   It begins to resonate that, even though everyone goes through struggles and faces trials and tribulations throughout the year, we actually have much to be thankful for and be grateful about. We think about our families and our friends. We recognize that we are surrounded by people that love us and care about us. We think of the gratitude we have for the [...]

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