The Innovo Detox Culinary Experience

2023-08-20T21:14:18-04:00March 15, 2021|Nutrition|

When considering detox, there are many different parts of the withdrawal management and stabilization process that are vitally important. Is there a doctor or specially addiction-trained psychiatrist that will be overseeing the process? What is the medication protocol? Will there be 24/7 nursing staff? Will the detox include clinical and recovery support to aid patients through those first rough few days of the process? Is the environment healing, soothing, private, and offer enough comfort but also enough distractions in the form of community engagement and entertainment for a patient to take their minds of going through detox? Fortunately, here at Innovo Detox, the answers to all these questions are yes. However, there is another piece of the detox process that [...]